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Northern Lights Safai | Tromsø, Norway | Ellen Kvam Norwegian Design

Last weekend, my daughter and I went on an inspirational trip to Tromsø. It was a very nostalgic experience for me. Walking down familiar streets we suddenly found ourselves in front of the old house I grew up in. It looked so much smaller now, all these years later. However, the biggest highlight of the trip was the Aurora Borealis safari with The Aurora Chaser Kjetil Skogli.

How to see the Northern Lights | Northern Lights Safari | Tromsø, Norway

It was a very personalized and intimate adventure, as we were only four guests compared to the other buses of tourists we saw leaving the city. Although you can never control the weather, having a great guide helps a lot in chasing down the northern lights! Kjetil knew exactly where to go in order to catch the lights and drove us to a beautiful location in Grøtfjorden.

Aurora Borealis Eruption | Tromsø, Norway | Nordlys safari

Once we arrived, he told us the Aurora explosion was about to happen, and we rushed down a path to an open area by the sea side. Kjetil used his professional photographic skills and helped us set up the camera and not a minute later the Aurora Borealis erupted right above our heads. I've never seen a more vivid light show in my entire life. 

Ellen Kvam og nordlyset | Tromsø, Norway

After a while, the sky became more quiet. The main eruption had ended, but there were still lights to be seen in every direction. Kjetil told us many interesting facts about the Aurora Borealis; what it is, how it erupts, and urban legends from different parts of the world. He was also kind enough to take portrait pictures of us and serve coffee, tea, and some snacks. The whole "into the wild" experience was so enjoyable.

Nordlys Safari | Kjetil Skogli | The Aurora Chaser | Ellen Kvam Norwegian Design

However, the most amazing thing happened right as we were about to leave. Kjetil looked at the mountain tops behind us and said "Let's give it 10 more minutes, I think I see something". The rest of us didn't see anything. Only stars on a dark sky. But then, the familiar green lights started creeping up from behind the mountain. Similar to the first time, the lights filled the entire sky and danced right above our heads. We can't believe how lucky we were to see two eruptions in one night! 

Aurora Borealis Safari | Northern Lights Outside of Tromsø, Norway

It was the trip of a lifetime. We left Tromsø with new inspiration, a lot of motivation, and many great memories. We're already planning our next trip with Kjetil Skogli, and we highly recommend his tours for anyone looking to see the Aurora Borealis in the beautiful Tromsø area. You can check out his website here.

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