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Hearts in the Ice Necklace 5_edited.jpg

Hilde Fålun Strøm, the remarkable

co-founder of the Hearts In The Ice project, published a touching blog post about our collaboration necklace on their website last week.


We wish to share her important message.


Read her blogpost below, or visit to learn more.

Ellen Kvam Norwegian Design - Hearts In The Ice Necklace

By Hilde Fålun Strøm

A small piece of glass. So simple, so clean and so beautiful. So fragile if not taken care of – just like the climate.

I am so fond of colors. The sparkle in the light we surround ourselves with in nature. Morning glow or sunset, moonlight or northern lights, the “blue hour” or polar night. I get filled up with moods matching this light and these colors. I need colors. On clothes, on things around me and in Ellen’s jewelry!

I bought my first jewelry from Ellen Kvam in the early 90’s, and I immediately became a fan. Since then, I have purchased many for myself and for gifts. Decorative, affordable, and genuine in its simplicity.

I found the light in nature in the sparkle in the glass jewelry that Ellen created. The jewelry changes colors, light and sparkle in different angles. I have received so many comments on Ellen’s jewelry while using them throughout all those years. They have become part of my everyday life and my identity. I especially liked the jewelry that had a little heart. They were also made of glass and attached to the glass jewelry in different colors.

Heart is a strong symbol for me. It became a natural symbol in “Hearts in the Ice”. It holds more than just one symbol. It holds commitment, enthusiasm and hope. And it holds love for everything around us.

Ellen has made a piece of jewelry for Hearts In The Ice!  A piece of jewelry that has a heart inside the necklace itself, inside the light blue / turquoise glass that symbolizes the ice.

This heart jewelry will contribute to the research, contributions, dialogue and communication emerging we are going to do, from now on, along the way and until the wintering at Bamsebu is over.

Thank you Ellen, for making this beautiful jewelry that has become a symbol of something bigger than us, and that illuminates my and other people’s everyday lives!

Your purchase of a unique, handmade "Hearts In The Ice" pendant shows your support and alignment for the pressing issue of Climate Change. 

Click for more details about the Hearts In The Ice project.

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